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Top Things to Do in the Florida Keys

You need to know that there are about 800 keys in the Florida Keys and they make the place look big and amazing. It is always vital that you get to be aware that Florida Keys vacation is always fantastic and memorable because here you can have fun and enjoy snorkeling and seafood. For this reason, you need to be aware that Florida Keys attractions are numerous and it is hard to exhaust all and that is why you need to have good plans for your next vacation. As you plan to visit the Florida Keys know that the outlined below are top things to do.

You will get taste key lime pie. This is the best Florida Keys dishes that you can get to have when you visit this place and you can view this website to know how they are prepared. Because it is not yet known the origin of this dish, there are debates that the creator created it in the 1800s.

Another thing is that you will take a helicopter tour. When viewing the Florida Keys from the air will get to give you the best experience that will be memorable. You should know that helicopter tours will get to make you enjoy the ride as you have the best view of the seven-mile bridge from the air.

You will have the chance to buy a ticket to a fantasy fest. This is an adult festival and therefore you need to leave your kids at home if you have to attend this fest, read more here. For this reason, if you are visiting the Florida Keys for your vacation consider buying tickets to a fantasy fest and you will have a great experience, view here!

Moreover, you will have a chance to ride the African queen boat. The African queen boat was sailed on by characters like Katherine Hepburn in their movie. Since this boat is found in the Florida Keys you can get to cruise on it when you visit the place.

You will also have a chance to visit the Hemingway House where it is believed is a home for cats. The family that lived in this house were six-toed and they look cute. It is always vital to visit the Florida Keys so that you can enjoy the vacation more.

You will get to iconic as well as distinctive bars. Key West has thriving nightlife scenes as well as amazing bars. For a great experience visit No Name Pub on Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys. The quirky name of the bar aside it’s true that in the 1940s this place was a brothel and general store.