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    May 31, 2020 /  Fitness

    Fitness is something our culture knows about, but doesn’t activity participate in. Our lifestyles contain too much fast food and not enough exercise. Fitness is essential for your well being and overall health. It can make you age slower and live longer. Fitness keeps the blood pumping in your body and your heart healthy. Those who participate in fitness activities for at least 30 minutes each day significantly reduce their risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

    Fitness doesn’t have to be grueling exercises that leave you exhausted and sweaty. It can be a brisk walk each morning or on your lunch hour. It can be playing in the yard with your children in sports like kickball, basketball, and football. Fitness can also mean lifting weights, aerobics, or yoga. The more you enjoy the fitness activities you participate in, the more likely you are to stick with them. For added motivation mix things up a bit and vary your activities. Find a friend to do a fitness plan with so you will have some motivation. It is also a great way to deepen your friendship and encourage each other to do another set of reps or to walk another lap.

    Your family can spend more quality time together while participating in fitness activities including sports and bike riding. Studies show children who have regular fitness activities in their daily routines are less likely to be overweight and more likely to keep fitness a part of their lifestyle when they get older. Studies also show children are spending less time outdoors and less time on fitness activities because they are busy indoors with video games, TV, computers, and cell phones.

    There are many articles online and fitness magazines out there to help you make positive changes to your lifestyle. You can also join the gym or hire a personal trainer. Fitness should be something you do daily, not think about doing or wish later in life you had made time for. The hardest part about fitness is getting started. As long as you get moving you are on the right track. The smallest changes in your daily activities can help you get fit.

    Don’t think you can put on a pair of running shoes and go for ten miles after years of sitting around. You just might give yourself a heart attack trying that! Instead, start out with a short distance and slowly increase your distance each week. If you do too much at once you can damage your body as well as wear yourself down. All that will do is discourage you and lead to you giving up rather quickly on your quest for fitness.

    Before you start any fitness program, it is a good idea to get a check up from your doctor and discuss your fitness goals. Make sure you do any exercises properly and that you take the time to stretch, warm up, and cool down each time. Fitness is very important but doing it properly is crucial for it to be effective.

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