• How to Make Better Health Pasta Salad

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    June 19, 2020 /  Food

    Pasta salad can be one of the dining options at home is also a special occasion for a family meal. You can also make a pasta salad tastier and healthier, but still simple.

    1. Use of whole wheat pasta.
    Do not use regular pasta, but choose whole-wheat pasta. When using this type of pasta, you can get fiber intake twice as much per one cup of pasta.

    2. Replace mayonnaise.
    To add flavor do not use mayonnaise. We recommend using a combination of low-fat mayonnaise, low-fat yogurt with no flavor and olive oil. This way you can cut calories and saturated fat.

    3. Add the vegetables.
    Add vegetables doubled. Select vegetables with more variety of color combination. For pasta salad, veggie options usually consist of carrots, tomatoes, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers.

    4. Add fresh herbs.
    Spices add flavor without fat or sodium. Add basil, cilantro, or want to try tarragon, herbs typical of Central Asia. Add spices to suit your taste.

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